Our Story


Although the name is new, the leaders of 35TEN MEDIA have history…Texas History!

As the name suggests, 35TEN MEDIA has the roads of Texas covered. With a deep knowledge of youth sports and more than two decades of experience in the Lone Star State, the founders of 35TEN MEDIA offer a unique understanding and the rare insight needed to launch successful grassroots marketing initiatives throughout the state and beyond.

The Texas athletic landscape is a tremendous platform to gain and maintain meaningful connections between consumers and brands.

35TEN MEDIA is your route to success!

What We Do

35TEN MEDIA specializes in delivering high impact marketing campaigns directly into targeted neighborhoods and communities across Texas via the platform of youth athletic events. Our initiatives reach deep into the fabric of each community, allowing companies and organizations the chance to connect with consumers at the local level.

Our campaigns have meaning — they’re turnkey, powerful and proven. Our audience has a loyalty-index and a passion factor that is simply unmatched.

Our platform resonates:

  • Strategic Development
  • Branding
  • Activation & Engagement
  • Sampling
  • Digital
  • Social Media
  • Team Uniforms & Spirit Wear

35TEN MEDIA is your route to success!

Who We Are


We’re family; cousins to be specific. Together we have more than 25 years of experience working in the youth sports marketing segment. We love the idea of sports, the setting that surrounds the “big-stage,” the dedication required, the effort needed, the emotion.

We’re passionate about the platform of sports and the connection it demands. It builds loyalty and creates trust. It captivates. The audience cares about the participants, the schools for which they play and the brands that support their cause.

Bringing it all together…35TEN MEDIA is trying to make a difference!

Gary Melle


Spent almost a dozen years as Vice President with Home Team Marketing, opening their first satellite office and helping to establish a presence in Texas. Led the strategic and sales efforts across the Southwest, with specific focus on Texas, partnering with such brands as AT&T, Dunkin Donuts, Nationwide Insurance and Walmart.

Previous opportunities with NBC Sales & Marketing and the Dallas Cowboys were valuable experiences that helped to showcase the need for 35TEN’s offerings.

Why 35TEN?

The daily push to make a difference in amateur athletics.

After Hours…

It’s surrounded by my wife and three daughters.


Coaching – teaching kids how the games are supposed to be played.

Chris Melle


Early career experiences in emerging market sales, marketing and training at Compression Labs, Deloitte, VTEL and HTM set a foundation of skills to help co-create and market services at 35TEN MEDIA. As Regional VP at HTM, Chris rolled up his sleeves and spent a decade building a network of more than 2,000 high schools and high school athletic associations from Texas to California. This brick-by-brick approach created a massive marketing canvas. Based on trust and personal relationships, these partnerships remain today and are available via 35TEN MEDIA.

Why 35TEN?

Results! When a client can feel a connection with the audience we provide, there is a feeling of pride. I’m a big fan of “win-win.” It’s an adrenaline rush.

After Hours…

With three athletic sons and a wife who is a former college athlete, we are sports 24/7! I coach and try to be a good role model.


Finding good traits in people and making sure they see them too.

chris melle